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B'more Cultured unveiled to the community on May 27, 2006 as a fundraiser dinner at St. John's Church, that would become our main annual event. We featured Aleks Martray's documentary,In Solidarity, about the beginning of our vision for a better Baltimore by working abroad.

The group started with 12 members. Graduate students from the Maryland Institute College of Art were partnered with Baltimore City high school students by a MA program in Community Arts, in partnership with AmeriCorps. Maria Aldana was a graduate student and served as the Artist-in-Resident at ACCE high school, where she organized her students and colleague's trip together to Ticuantepe, Nicaragua and "Baltimorized" an existing national project from Bridges to Community as her final thesis project.

Five of the six high school students had never traveled outside of their country, been on a plane or even left the city. This was a life changing experience where we grew together abroad and came home with a deeper understanding of how to build a community of local citizens committed to learn and be involved in improving global issues of poverty through exposure, education and art.

Our Beginning
Our Beginning
11 x 17" postcard image by Maria Aldana