Bmore Cultured
Bmore Cultured is a Baltimore grassroots organization led by youth who volunteer with educators, artists, and parents to transform lives. Support us, watch our 45-min youth video, "In Solidarity" to see our development and challenges!

Since 2006 we've been traveling to Nicaragua to live and work with beautiful rural communities. We have worked with families and local students to build homes, improve sanitation, create murals, and build lasting friendships.

Bmore Cultured believes we can learn pride, humility and gratitude from the poor. In living with them as they do, we experience powerful transformations concerning our values as North Americans. We address similar struggles of race, class and power to be able to improve our Latin American education, community involvement, and most of all, our global connection here in Baltimore!

Click on "Fun Stuff" from the menu above to read testimonials, see screen-printing demo, how we learned to build houses, latrines and taught others how to paint murals!

Cinder Hypki interviews Maria Aldana on month-long community-based arts program The Art of Solidarity.