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As a result of pineapple production, over half of Ticuantepe remains rural, yet is located only fourteen kilometers from the capital of Nicaragua, Managua. However, due to seed quality that is considered inferior in the international market, Nicaraguan pineapples remain a domestic product instead of a lucrative export.

Ticuantepe mostly consists of humid sub-tropical forest, and nearby Volcan Masaya has blessed the region with rich volcanic soil but also cursed it with frequent acid rain. Deforestation and low agricultural production levels are two of the problems most seriously effecting the municipality.

Ticuantepe also sits atop the largest aquifer in Central America, which provides water for one quarter of the Nicaraguan population. Even still, Ticuantepenos often live without running water for days at a time due to insufficient infrastructure.

Information provided by Bridges to Community, Inc.