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I dream of becoming a journalist and being the editor of my own newspaper one day. I was given a chance to be a part of a wonderful experience. I went to Nicaragua twice; my life has changed for the better. I now know what I want out of life and my goals are increasing day by day. I have a desire to change the world, which may sound broad, but it takes one person to stand up to make a difference, just as Rosa Parks did.

Traveling to Nicaragua has made me want to become a journalist even more. I want to change people's perception of Nicaragua as a 3rd world country because there is more to learn about it and to be a part of. When you're a journalist, your job is to gather as much information as you can to make a complete news article. Some how not enough information is being reported about Nicaragua.

While traveling to Nicaragua, I learned that you can't let cultural barriers stop you from embracing your culture or another's culture. You have to interact and try to understand that person's life as if that's your last deed on earth. You can't become educated by sitting in the dark. That's why I believe the quote "A wise man has a still tongue" is wrong. A wise person wants to know more in order to increase his knowledge. I never would have thought about that if I would have let the language barrier between the Nicaraguans and myself get in the way. I made due with everything; if the Nicaraguans said something that wasn't clear we found other ways of communicating and it was even more fun because we were both learning from one another.

I would encourage everyone to go on this trip, it's enriching and physically and mentally challenging. At the end of everyday in Nicaragua you will be satisfied and your work is always appreciated.

Gabrielle Berre testimony
Gabrielle Berre testimony
Co-founder and member since 2005
Photo by Maria Aldana