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I believe going on this trip was really cool because I was able to leave the country, which I had never done before, and helping other people is always fun.

Living in another country with the people that live there is amazing. Most people stay in a hotel, which we did for 2 days, but after that we lived in the natives' houses. Some of my best memories were working on the farms, trucking through the jungle in Siuna, and going to the local ice cream shop "Eskimo". Esteli was a lot of fun. I made a whole bunch friends there. It was awesome really, and would definitely go again.

My goals on the trip were to make good friends, help as much as possible and keep every one laughing. Trips are so much better when people laugh. Everything is better when people laugh. When you take something good and then add laughter you make it great!

I have joined the Air Force and will be leaving for basic training this winter. It is gonna be awesome.

Aaron-Forrest Wainwright testimony
Aaron-Forrest Wainwright testimony
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