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This trip was an answer to my prayers.

I was introduced to B’more Cultured from my dear friend’s grandson, Brandon. I attended one of his presentations and I met Maria and many of the members. Their testimonies were so moving that I wanted to experience what they had experienced.

This trip truly enhanced my faith and belief in how we are all woven together and connected. We are our brothers’ keeper. Though I was not fluent with my Spanish, I was still able to express my love and concern for the people we met and worked with. We played together – ate together and cared for each other.

I have realized more now than ever that material things have little value. I have learned not to complain about the small stuff – I recognize how blessed I am with the opportunities I have in my country and the heart desire to share with those who have less. I feel so connected with the people of Nicaragua – I call them family!

Barbara Bates-Hopkins testimony
Barbara Bates-Hopkins testimony
Member since 2008
Photo by Seante Hatcher